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I am Karim Kiel - I do music, programming and some kind of art. I am 24 years old, from Germany, grew up in a little village called Nottensdorf.

My life started simple. I took piano lesson in 2003 (6/7 years old there). I can not remember actually if I even knew what "music" was. But I liked pressing the keys. And I had success pretty soon that motivated to continue. However I noticed how the whole piano lessons set me under pressure, keep going and make little "chamber concerts". They all went great but that made me stopping piano lessons after 6 years later in 2008. At that time, I never did any music. Instead I learned what you are seeing now. Building websites!

2008-2009 were beautiful years for me. I discovered more music, had projects, played lots of cool videogames, mostly Pokemon Platinum and Harvest Moon DS and was very active on spieletipps.de and bisaboard.de where I learned more about websites, programming and music as well as got to know my first online friends. As life went on, my parents randomly bought me a bass as present. It didn't take long and I started practicing many hours. But also dropped after 2 months. Until I joined my first band in January 2009. This is what really helped me to become a good musicians. Making music with friends is fun and supporting. We played four times on stages and it was super fun and full of experience! After a year, we dropped the project Super Bleifrei but I did not want to stop. I started playing guitar in September 2009. Slowly. Very calm. Just chords. Until I discovered "The New Canon Rock from Mattrach" in June 2010. Henceforward, my guitar skills improved and I created the Youtube Channel.

Musical influences

As mentioned above, I started playing piano in 2003. I knew about classical composers but I never really listened to music. Around 2007, when I came to a new school and had a long way with the bus, I saw lots of kids who owned a MP3 player. Surely I wanted one too but I did not know what to listen. Means that I slowly got influenced by the music, my father listens to though in like May 2008 as far as I remember. He is born in 1949, so his music is, for sure, the 60 - 80s. I can say that this time around, I started listening music and really liked the 60s music especially. My first favorite song was Something by the Beatles, followed by Funky Town from Pseudo Echo. Over the time to the Summer Holidays 2008 (where I spent my time listening and playing Harvest Moon DS. Gold times), the Beatles got to my first favorite band. One year later in summer 2009 holidays (BisaBoard times, gold times), their songs helped me a lot getting better in bass, since I started to get better in it and there I found out, how much fun music can be.

In the studio of Detlef, 2010, www.vintage-music.de

Guitar improving basically started in March 2010, where I found the band Oasis. This band is still my top Number 1 for getting good on guitar, although the actual speed I achieve came later. But I learned a bit of singing, rock guitar and bass with this band and I liked them more than the Beatles. I listened to them like endless. Accidentally I found Mattrach a while later. He is the reason with his great rendition of the Canon Rock, that I got into speed picking and all that stuff. End of 2011 I finally got into video game music, which made me to create my channel Metalfortress. People like FamilyJules, CSGuitar89 and mostly ToxicXEternity were the reason to start with the Youtube channel. The last huge inspiration was Fracionado and a lot of electronical artists like Skrillex and Zomboy who got me into covering electronic music on guitar and making electronic music by myself. Started with DubstepFortress as channel now known as Flaggschiff. A rough overview of my listening back to 2009 can be found here.